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Logo Design

Logo Design

A well-designed logo must first be developed in black and white. Color is an unnecessary distraction from the initial design process. A robust design works large and small in black and white. Your logo must be strong enough to read well on a pencil or blown up on the side of a building.

Before I start the design process, I ask my client to fill out a Brand Identity Form. This questionnaire asks you several questions regarding your business and asks you questions that help you think of your business creatively. Like; if your company was a texture, what texture would it be? If your company was a flavor, what would it taste like?

I almost always start the process by selecting appropriate typefaces that match the companies look and feel. Once the client and I have established a typeface, I then design the logo icon. This part is the most fun! To create concepts that neatly illustrate who the company is in a single symbol.


Your logo must be strong enough to read well in black and white on a pencil or blown up on the side of a building

Once the logo is designed in black and white, I then move on to color palettes. A color palette is selected based on the nature of the business, and it is an integral part of the brand identity.

I select colors appropriate to the company’s image and purpose and submit a selection to the client. I believe less is more, so I usually use only 2 to 3 colors in the logo. We will use the remaining colors in the palette ( never more than 5 colors ) in the web and other appropriate designs.

After the client has chosen a color palette, I present their new logo in color variations from their chosen palette.

Voila! You now have a beautiful logo and corporate identity designed for your company.

View a collection of my logos here. If you are interested in having a logo designed for your company, feel free to call me @661-753-3613, or email me

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