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Digital products
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Well-designed digital products can be a fantastic marketing tool for any size business. I keep all my web designs clean, dignified, and easy to navigate, ensuring your site is responsive and looks fabulous on all devices.


Branding is a highly effective way to make your company stand out and give it an immensely professional look. Even small companies can establish a strong presence in their marketing collateral if they have good branding.


Paula Nichols Design specializes in logo design. Logos are tailor-made for each clients’ business to create a unique brand identity.


I design for print at Paula Nichols Design. Many design studios specialize in web design but are unable to work with print. Print design has different requirements and knowledge to create crisp, clean printed collateral.

I am looking forward to working with you.

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Sometimes doing a seemingly very demanding task turns out to be fun. Here’s the proof – Paula Nichols Design, a new portfolio made for you.