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Color is an essential element of your company’s brand identity. Once you have a well-designed logo in black and white, the next vital addition to your brand package is to develop a limited color palette. Your color palette should contain no more than 5 colors.

I work very closely with my clients to establish a palette that best suits their company. It is also imperative that you like your color palette. You will see your logo and your colors every day. Your brand identity must reflect you and your business. The two are intertwined.

Not only must you and your company be considered but also your target audience when selecting your colors. For example, are you targeting men or women, young, middle-aged, or elder? What colors best reflect your industry? All these variables will play a role in selecting the ideal color palette for your company.


I work very closely with my clients to establish a palette that best suits their company

The colors in your palette must complement each other, whether they are vibrant, subdued, or monochromatic.

After some discussion with my clients, I search for colors based on their style. I always ask my clients if their company was a color, what color would it be? Frequently, clients have not considered their color selection in that creative manner.

Once I have an idea of what you are looking for, I will submit multiple color palettes for you to choose from. The selection may seem overwhelming in some cases, but you will discover it is easy to narrow down the selection by eliminating palettes you don’t like.

Sometimes when we are close, the palette needs some adjusting to make it perfect.

After the client has chosen a color palette, I present their new logo in color variations from their chosen palette.

I believe less is more, so I usually use only 2 to 3 colors in the logo. We will use the remaining colors in the palette as ascents on the web and other appropriate designs.

We have established your color palette. Stick to it religiously and consistently use each color in specific ways as part of your brand identity.

When the project is completed, I will provide you with your logo in the colors we select and the color palette to help you maintain your brand identity.

View my projects to get a better idea of how I use color in your branding. If you are interested in starting a project for your company, feel free to call me @661-753-3613, or email me

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